Westmount Scouts Travel to Namibia

Two St Andrew's Rovers, Brian Bevand and Kendra Girdwood and 2ND Westmount Venturer, Nathan Butcher will be spending six weeks this summer in Africa participating in an international development project. They will be travelling to the former South West Africa, now known as Namibia, on the southern Atlantic coast of Africa. Organized in conjunction with the Namibian Scouting Association a group of about thirty youth from the Montreal area will be building ventilated latrines for pre-schools in the town of Okahanja located north of the nation's capital, Windhoek. Younger members of Westmount Scouting have contributed gift boxes for the Rovers and Venturer to take to the children in the schools.
The costs of the project will be covered by the Scouting World Brotherhood but the participants must cover their own expenses. The Westmount trio has been fundraising selling t-shirts, hoodies, badges and other items. They have recently received a donation thanks to an article that appeared in the Westmount Independent on March 26.
Members of Westmount Scouting have been studying maps of Africa and learning about life in places that don't have the advantages that we have here in Canada. The international organization of Scouting makes exchanges like this possible, creating life long experiences for youth all over the world.
Everyone will be enthusiastic to hear about Brian, Kendra and Nathan's experiences when they return from Namibia in August.