Douglas Leahey, Scout leader with Westmount Park awarded the Medal of Merit

Quebec Council Commissioner, Russ Looker, presented Douglas Leahey, Scout leader with Westmount Park, the Medal of Merit in recognition of his continued commitment to Scouting. Doug has led the Westmount Park Scout troop for many years and was a driving force with Montreal area Rovers leading Project Yeti Nepal 2016. Douglas mobilized the crew of 8 Rovers and put together the necessary elements to make this humanitarian trip happen. Under Dog's guidance the Rovers spent a month volunteering in Nepal, planting trees, painting a clinic, community ce tre and a monestary as well as setting up a computer centre at a school in the Solu Khumbu, the mountainous region near Everest in the Himalayas. Maggie Shaddick, who initiated the Nepal expedition, was present, along with three of the Rovers who participated in the trip. Doug truly deserves the recognition for the contribution he makes in scouting. Well done Doug!