Chicken Chasing in Westmount

2ND Westmount Cubs got to experience how tough it is to catch a chicken and hold it when they visited Marci Babineau's chicken coop in her backyard on Prince Albert St.
Marci invited the cubs to see these domestic birds first hand. Several of the Cubs carefully placed their hands under the wings to firmly hold the birds who were quite willing to quietly sit in their arms. In exchange the Cubs enthusiastically dug up some worms for them - their all time favourite food.
The chicken coop where the 5 hens roost (there is no rooster as that would probably not be very popular with the neighbours)is a wooden structure raised on stilts and lined with straw to keep the hens warm. Marci says they lay several eggs a week which she shares with her neighbour.
Raising chickens in the city used to be quite common but people are surprised to discover that it is still allowed in Westmount. Livestock on the other hand is not.
Marci is an avid urban farmer who also raises bees who produce excellent honey. She is very knowledgeable on permaculture and gives courses in sustainable farming through the Sports & Recreation Dept.
The Cubs really enjoyed their visit and can better appreciate what it is like to raise animals on an urban farm.