Summer Camp for Cubs: 26 Jul-01 Aug 2009

07/26/2009 - 14:00
08/01/2009 - 10:30

Cubs from both Westmount Park and 2nd Westmount are invited to a week-long (6 nights) sleepover camp at Camp Jackson Dodds. We will be going from Sunday, July 26th to Saturday, August 1st. All interested cubs should contact their leader.

Camp Jackson Dodds offers a fully packed outdoor program, focusing on nature, badges, crafts, watersports and most importantly, FUN! Our program is THEME based (this year's theme is KLONDIKE GOLD RUSH) and our dynamic staff are geared to provide the optimum level of fun and learning. The camp sessions are 6 days, and includes everything a camp should have; a fully animated program, a beautiful dining hall catering 3 hot meals a day, a craft center, a beautiful waterfront, playing fields, campfire areas, an on-site nurse and covered sleeping facilities.

Cost is $285. Parents are responsible for transporting the youth to and from camp. Camp is 60 minutes (65 km) from Westmount. Youth must be dropped off at camp on Sunday at 2pm. Youth must be picked up from camp on Saturday at 10am (awards and closing at 9h45 - parents welcome).

Directions to camp can be found at driving to Camp Jackson Dodds

More info about the camp can be obtained at

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