Stoney Point - Dorval Spring Cub Camp - Friday, June 5th to Sunday, June 7th

06/05/2009 - 17:30
06/07/2009 - 15:30

Westmount Park and 2nd Westmount Cubs are going to Camp Jackson Dodds (near Tamaracouta) for this year’s Stoney Point - Dorval Spring Cub Camp.

The theme is ‘CSI’ Camp Site Investigation. The camp badge is Law Awareness and a choice of several badges to be completed will be offered.

We will leave by bus from Victoria Hall (4626 Sherbrooke St W) at 6:00 on Friday 5th June. Please feed your cub before leaving home. Be sure to hand Medicare cards and medications to Akela. Cubs must be in uniform (sash optional) and have their cub books with paper & pencil.

Special instructions for 3rd year cubs who will be doing the “Jump Scout” program: (Remi, Andreas, Geoffrey, Spencer, Justin, Ann, Clara, Alex).
You will be taking part in a special program (Jump Scout) to prepare you for Scouts, for which you will earn the Scout Troop Specialty Badge. You should bring a “Super-soaker” or some kind of water gun, and the girls should bring dark t-shirts to wear when they’ll be getting wet.

The other cubs will be doing the following badges (Please note that they didn’t all get their first choice):
Hugo: Observer
Valonna: Entertainer
Paul, Vincent, Nicolas: Fishing (bring fishing rod)
Neos, Jackson, Theo: Astronomer
Lowik: Trailcraft
Rachelle, Evan: Photographer (bring a camera)

The bus will leave Jackson Dodds on Sunday at 14:00, so we should arrive back at Victoria Hall at about 15:00.

Addition to the kit list you’ve already been given: bathing suit. AND PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING.

Important – the bugs will be bad, so you must provide your cub with a mosquito net – Canadian Tire has various types at reasonable prices (also Dollarama). Either get one which includes a sunhat, or goes over a sunhat. It is also recommended to rinse the hair with 1 part vinegar & 4 parts water, or use Citronnell shampoo, before the camp.

If you need to reach us (emergency only!) phone 1 866 438 4096

For more information please contact:
Akela (Andrew Macdougall) 937 5527,

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