Welcome to Scouts Westmount Web Site. We are located in Westmount, Quebec, Canada. We offer bilingual programs for boys and girls aged 5-25. Membership is not restricted to Westmount residents.

Centennial Sunrise Ceremony

08/01/2007 - 00:00
08/01/2007 - 10:00

On August 1, 2007 millions of Scouters around the world will be joined in a sunrise ceremony to commemorate the beginning of the Scouting movement. Westmount Scouts are organizing their own ceremony at the Summit Lookout at 8 am and everyone is welcome to participate. The rendez-vous point is at the Pavilion at Murray Hill Park at 7 am. Refreshments will be served before walking up the mountain to the lookout. Andrew Macdougall, Akala for Westmount Park will lead the group. For more information or to help please call 514 937-5527

Great Outdoor Challenge / Défi Grande Nature (GO! Challenge 2007)

09/29/2007 - 00:00
09/30/2007 - 16:00

GO! Challenge 2007 - 29th to 30th September 2007
Tamaracouta Scout Reserve

GO! Challenge 2007 is the 2nd annual great outdoor adventure challenge for Venturers throughout Quebec. You will arrive at Tamaracouta by 9AM on Saturday. After event briefings and equipment checks you will embark on a combined hike and canoe trek with numerous activities and challenges along the way. If you make it back to the lake in time, you will return to the finish line by canoe, otherwise you will have a long walk home. You will be welcomed back with activities on the beach and social events including a BBQ, dance and maybe a live band. The following day will consist of series of land based team challenges that will culminate in a grand finale assault course.

Sixer & Second Area Camp at Camp Jackson Dodds

09/28/2007 - 18:00
09/30/2007 - 16:00

This year's training camp will be held on the weekend of September 28th to 30th, 2007. It is a great opportunity for the Sixers and Seconds to learn about their roles while enjoying a fun weekend camp. The highlight is always the investiture of Sixers and Seconds in a campfire setting on a Saturday night.
The Cost will be $45.00 per person. Please contact your leaders if you are a third year Cub, a Sixer or Second and interested in attending this camp.

World Jamboree Raffle Ticket Winner

06/27/2007 - 20:00

The World Jamboree raffle, auctioned off by the Rovers, was won by Oliver Mersereau on June 27th. The prize is a Loon print 2nd edition by Sharon Girdwood. This raffle is in support of the Rovers' trip to the 21st World Jamboree in England.

Artist Information: www.hiddenwildlifeart.com

Year End Beaver Outing to the Train Museum - June 9

06/09/2007 - 13:00
06/09/2007 - 16:00

The Beavers will be spending the afternoon at the Exporail train museum in St. Constant. Come out for a few hours, inspect the old trains, tour around the new expanded facilities and go for a trolley ride!

For further details, please contact your section leaders.

Andrew and friends in front of a locomotive